What is My Deals Today?

My deals today is a deal platform for businesses to share unlimited daily deals for one low monthly payment.

Customers can visit the platform to see and take advantage of all the deals that are being presented to them daily.


How does it work?

For Businesses:

Simply register for a subscription account where you will be able to post your deals to various cities or countries based on the my deals today network.

An unlimited number if deals can be shared via the network for the 30 day subscription period.

The deals are then distributed via multiple digital channels including social media, other websites, and email.

For customers:

Customers can also need to register to receive deals to their inbox or follow us on social media.

Any deal of interest to the customer can be used accordingly.

Deals can range from deep discounts, sales, coupons, specials or anything that will help customers save or benefit.

My deals today benefits both the customers and local businesses.


Is it only for businesses?

No my deals today is for any brand, organizations, companies etc.

Anyone with a deal can signup to my deals today.


What does unlimited deals mean?

Unlimited deals means any number of deals a business might have within a monthly period.


What if it is not a deal but an announcement or notice?

My deals today can be used for this purpose as well. If it’s more of an announcement or notice we will be able share it on my deals.


Where are my deals posted?

Deals are distributed via multiple digital channels including but not limited to social media, email, web and more


Can I post the deals in more than one location?

No. in order to post deals on other location an account will be needed. You can receive a single account if your business has more than one location. A larger subscription fee will be charged for companies with multiple locations.


How are payments made?

Payments are made online within your account via PayPal or secured credit card. You can also deposit directly to our local bank accounts.


I don’t have or use a PayPal account, what are the other forms of payments?

Payments can be made by credit card as well as direct bank deposit to our local bank accounts.


How many persons will be seeing my deals?

Deals are distributed via multiple channel and depending on your location thousands of persons could see your deal within the course of he month or period.


Is there a free trial offer?

Yes. We offer a free 30 day trial during your subscription.


What are the requirements to post a deal on your platform?

Deals must be appealing and ready to convince customer to take up your offers. We find that deals that are more visually attractive usually get more hits and hence more possibilities of being seen my customers.


Deals can be posted in PDFs, JPEG, PNG, videos and text.

Deals that have links to websites, social media, and other online assets are strongly recommended.


What are the content type that can be posted?

We can accept any multimedia content type. From images to videos to text.

Don’t forget the higher the quality the better. Try to make your content as attractive as possible.


What are the specifications of content for your platform?

For images we recommend a 750 x proportional height.

For videos we recommend first adding your videos on YouTube or Vimeo and then linking it to my deals today.


What are the channels used to distribute the deals?

Channels range from major social media, email, websites, pay per clicks etc

How does the registration work?

Complete the registration form provided and wait for your email confirmation to activate your account.

Once you’re in the account you can update your account profile by providing more information on your business.

The more we know about your business the better we can direct the right Traffic to your deals.

What if I donĀ“t have the Flyer for my deal?

No design? no problem! Our graphic design team can assist with designing all your artwork. Simply send us your request for a design quote. Send us an email to: addmydeals@migroupco.com