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Juice Bowl is Perfect for Summer! 100% Juice

By Manuel Bracho, September 26, 2018

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Milo Butler Distributors 

Juice Bowl

50th Anniversary

Summer Refreshed with Juice Bowl

Hydrate yourself with the most delicious taste of our juices. The heat disappears when you drink Juice Bowl.

Find the best products like: Sugar, tea, tuna, detergent and more at Milo Butler Distributors. This company distribute the best brands, like: Juice Bowl, SuperB Tuna, Five Roses, Jack Frost, Twining’s, Roma, Blanca Nieves and many more.

Call us: 242-677-6380

Milo Butler Distributors Ltd.

Peach Street off Montrose Ave.

Nassau, Bahamas

About Milo Butler: The Company has been for over 80 years. The company in its earliest days traded in agricultural, ice, cattle, livestock and prepared food products. At present the company focuses primarily on wholesale and retail distribution of meat, grocery, and general merchandise products throughout The Bahamas. Find more information about Milo Butler, click here. Enjoy more deals from Milo Butler Distributors, click here.

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