Digital Marketing 360 Webinar Series: 5 Steps to Lead Generation

By Manuel Bracho, June 6, 2019

Digital Marketing 360 Webinar Series – 5 Steps to Lead Generation

Lead generation is the core of every business on the planet. If your small business is struggling to generate sufficient leads to increase sales and you need to top up your sales for the remainder of 2019, this webinar is for you.

A lead generation system that is proven to work repeatedly. If you are like most entrepreneurs and business owners, time is money and once lost can never be regain. You want a system that can work for you and most importantly produce the results you need. 

A lead generation system can help you to achieve your marketing and sales objectives, while managing your ROI ratio. Join us for a powerful 45 minute webinar and  you’ll learn:

  1. How to generate hot leads in five simple steps
  2. How to prepare and present your asset of value
  3. How to setup and configure landing pages
  4. How to setup email automation and sequencing
  5. How to drive traffic to your asset of value

Meet The Host: Ricardo Berris, Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor, Investor and International Speaker

Ricardo Berris has been a Serial Entrepreneur for more than 17 years helping small and medium size businesses who are struggling with understanding and using online technology tools to improve their business and grow their sales. Hotels, Real Estate Professionals, Banks, Restaurants, Authors, Consultants and many other businesses have benefitted from his proven track record and level of experience.

He is currently the CEO of MI Group USA.

Over the past 7 years, MI Group have played an integral role in empowering businesses to establish and build successful online presence. Our clients are startups, individual entrepreneurs, small and medium size businesses, brands and organizations with vibrant determination. They wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities and need to ensure the best use of their time. Though they are tech-aware and may not all be technology savvy, our clients want the benefits of the latest technologies in their businesses. Between all digital view and touch points, we help our clients to remain “top of mind” and competitive. Since our inception, we have been a trusted technology and digital media partner and source for our clients.

For further information on MI Group USA, please visit

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